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About SWAN

The Sex Workers' Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) is a network of civil society organizations and sex worker led groups and organizations engaged in advocating for human rights of the sex workers in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. SWAN started in 2006 as a project within Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU/TASZ) and in 2012 became an independent organization with its headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. 

Mission, vision and values
Uniting sex worker advocates to create societies in Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia where
- sex work is depenalized and decriminalized,
- sex workers can live and work free from violence, stigma and discrimination,
- sex workers are empowered and actively engaged in issues that directly affect their lives and health.


  • We recognize the right of sex workers to take agency in their lives, health and decision-making
  • We commit to actively involve sex workers in all levels of SWAN governance and to the protection of human rights operations
  • We recognize sex work as work, which is an unforced sale of sexual services between consenting adult women, men and transgender individuals.

To strengthen advocacy by civil society including groups of sex workers, for a safer legal environment that ensures human rights of sex workers in Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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Executive Director
Stasa Plecas

Program Officer
Marija Tosheva

Program Officer
Katerina Partinova

Communications Officer
Yigit Aydin

Administrative Assistant
Sara Horlai

Operations Manager
Lilla Kantor

Olga Zubkovskaya

SWAN Foundation for the Human Rights of Sex Workers (SWAN Foundation)


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