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Former council official accepted sex for favors

Wade Fryar, a former team leader with the Parramatta City Council Compliance Services Unit, told a hearing of the Independent Commission Against Corruption yesterday that he had received complimentary sex and "nude massages with ... happy endings" over a period of more than three years.

In March, Mr Fryar was apprehended by ICAC officials shortly after collecting a corrupt payment of $400 from one brothel owner, the commission was told.

Mr Fryar said he had taken about $15,000 in periodic payments from a number of brothel owners over the past year in return for warning them about council, tax or immigration investigations of their operations.

Should any council investigation take place, he would personally "peer-review" the result or close the files, ensuring no action was taken.

He was provided with complimentary and discounted sex by the brothel owners and their staff, Mr Fryar told the commission.

"There would be occasions when I would receive a massage ... a nude massage with hand relief," he said.

"And did you pay for those services?" he was asked by counsel assisting the inquiry, Michael King SC.

"No, I did not," Mr Fryar replied.

The commission heard intercepted telephone conversations collected during physical and electronic surveillance of Mr Fryar in past months.

In one, he told a woman - identified only as Mook - that she did not have to pay his regular sum that month as a "Christmas present to you".

Mook then offered to provide him with a "Christmas present" in exchange, with Mr Fryar saying he would be there in 10 minutes to collect it.

Under cross-examination, he confirmed this was a reference to sexual intercourse.

In his opening statement yesterday, Mr King told the commission there was a great deal of opportunity for council officers to act corruptly.

"Being paid to turn a blind eye to the operation of a brothel can readily be extended to ignoring sexual servitude or the use or sale of prohibited drugs on the premises," he said.

Parramatta Council had received an anonymous letter last year alleging one of their officers was receiving corrupt payments, but had chosen to ignore it, Mr Fryar said.

The hearing continues today.

NEWS.com.au, Australia