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GRANTS: Marek Nowicki Small Grants Fund

The Fund supports the professional activities of non-governmental organisations from the CIS countries that are aimed at empowering democracy, the rule of law and human rights observance in their countries and regions.

For several years HFHR has been holding training courses in the scope of techniques of effective action in public interest (human rights monitoring and reporting, campaigning and work with media, the strategy and techniques of human rights education, the public interest law action, conflict resolution and negotiations, strategy planning in human rights NGOs). Until this time, approximately 1,000 NGO activists from the CIS countries have taken part in this type of training. But teaching skills is almost ineffective, if the graduates have no opportunity to practically apply the skills they had learned. Therefore, OSI and HFHR have set up this Fund. The Fund of Small Grants makes it possible to both support the initiatives of the graduates of the human rights training courses and to carry on the training process through expert advice in the stage of project preparation and implementation.

Conditions for applying for a grant