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Bill To Legalize Western Australia's Brothels Introduced To State Parliament

Perth, Australia (AHN) - A bill to regulate Western Australia's sex industry has been introduced into state parliament despite the opposition of Christian leaders such as Perth's Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey. The archbishop has called on members of parliament to oppose the bill.

WA's Attorney-General Jim McGinty's bill will legalize brothels and escort agencies throughout the state though activities such as street walking will remain illegal.

"Prostitution raises significant moral and ethical issues and is strongly opposed by sections of the community," McGinty said to reporters Wednesday.

"However, we need to acknowledge that the industry does exist and not just stick our head in the sand like previous state governments."

Archbishop Hickey though has written to MPs urging them to reject the bill saying "...there is considerable research evidence to show that males, and particularly young males, who use prostitutes have greater tendencies towards domination of women and violence towards them."

"There are many reasons for opposing the legalization of prostitution, but my biggest concern is the damage done to the girls and women who are enticed into the trade," he wrote.

Source: AHN - USA