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Rights, Not Violence! Campaign in facts and figures

Petition: Total number of signatures on the petition: 3,533

Bulgaria: 345, Czech: 30, Kazakhstan: 172, Kyrgyzstan 330, Latvia 45, Lithuania 90, Macedonia 1,200, Russia 300, Serbia 75, Slovakia 320, Ukraine 200, and internationally 426. 


Street action: In Macedonia, 20 sex workers walked with red umbrellas in front of the Parliament in Skopje; In Russia, six sex workers walked along the streets of downtown Skt Petersburg, distributed post cards and condoms and gave interviews to the media; In Kyrgyzstan, sex workers took photos with red umbrellas and distributed them to the media.


Media interviews: A ground-breaking article in a leading weekly in Albania describing “the life of sex workers in Tirana nowadays, their social problems, violence, poverty, discrimination and other problems arising from being criminalized under the existing law… with a sense of humor, SW friendly, sometimes poetical and very informative even for a brand new reader in the area of SW.” Several articles on TV, dailies and on the Internet in Slovakia; several articles in all leading media in Macedonia, including the first-ever appearance of a sex worker in TV news, on A1 TV station. Several articles in media in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia;


Press conferences: Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia


Post Cards: Electronic cards prepared in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. Printed cards distributed through the Boomerang network in Slovakia, to sex workers and street passer-bys in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Survey: 238 sex workers interviewed in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.


Brochures: Albania prepared 1000 copies of a special brochure on sex work, violence, and human rights. Kyrgyzstan issued a newsletter Our Voices, Our Rights.
Declaration of rights of sex workers in Europe: Distributed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Poland…


Red umbrella: introduced to sex workers at meetings organized in Prague, Czech Republic; Barnaul, Russia; Bratislava, Slovakia; Skt. Peteresburg, Russia; Red umbrellas distributed to sex workers in Bulgaria, Russia, Macedonia


SWAN Films: 10 short movies released on December 17 in which SWAN members talk about human rights of sex workers. See the movies here.


Some press clippings:
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