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By Aliya on Jun 9th, 2008

Excerpts from the Media Survival Guide for Sex Workers by Alexandra Beesley
As a documentary maker and sex worker I have worked with such people as Sky Television, Granada, ABC, BBC, SBS and ITV, and have experienced first hand how easy it is to manipulate, titillate and use footage and sound bites out of context.
The media's power to influence our culture is obvious and mainstream media's tendency to gravitate towards the superficial and sensational means that people who work in the sex industry are generally portrayed under a negative light, enforcing and perpetuating stereotypes.

By Aliya on Mar 13th, 2008
By Aliya on Dec 22nd, 2007

Many SWAN members participating in the December 2007 Campaign for human rights of sex workers used red umbrella as their symbol. What does red umbrella mean? Here is an article about its symbolism and history, already published in SWAN News last year.

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