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By Aliya on Nov 24th, 2010

Dear Friends! From my own experience in providing social assistance and the many testimonies, we, the members of the Ukrainian League LEGALIFE can say a lot about the systematic and massive violations of the rights of sex workers' by the police in Ukraine.

By olga on Apr 7th, 2010

End Unjust Arrests, Sentencing and Sex Offender Registration of Sex Workers

We the undersigned extend our support for Women With A Vision's "No Justice!" Project, a campaign to combat the sentencing of people arrested for sex work under the 203-yr-old "crimes against nature" felony-level law in New Orleans, LA.

By olga on Apr 7th, 2010

Issue 1 of 2010 features a long interview with Swedish SW Pye Jacobson, who tells the readers about the legal regulation of sex work in Sweden and its consequences on SWs and their clients. There is an article about the current phase of the AIDS epidemic and the means of protection. This is followed by a country profile of Albania, with an insight into the local commercial sex scene. There is an article on the hazards of gambling as a type of addiction and its adverse social consequences. Readers are acquainted with the history of the Busho-march, the famous and traditional early-spring masquerade in the streets of Mohács, Hungary. Finally, there is an article on the Venice Carnival.
The Hungarian Association are in the process of officially changing their name from Hungarian Prostitutes’ Advocacy Association to Hungarian Sex Workers Advocacy Association. The reason behind the change – as explained by representative András Szabó – is that the expression “sex worker” is much less burdened with the stigmata and prejudices regularly associated with the term “prostitute”. The change will, therefore, place the organization in a better position regarding the tone of the public discourse on the rights of sex workers.
You can download the newsletter PDF here.

By Aliya on Dec 16th, 2009

STAR (sex worker rights activist group) of Macedonia designed and launched a calendar for 2010, to mark December 17th and sex workers’ rights. The calendar may be downloaded from SWAN's website here in pdf format, and quality print versions may be requested from the STAR team (write to SWAN coordinator to swan@tasz.hu ).

STAR Newsletter is celebrating its 1 year of existence! Read issue 9 here. It features, among other articles, confession of a sex worker, quotes from famous people. There is a sex advice column, and information on sexual rights. Those interested can check what the Egyptian horoscope holds for them.

The 10th issue of the STAR newsletter From Us to US is dedicated to December 17 and the issues of human rights. Read Issue 10 here.

By Aliya on Dec 16th, 2009

Sex worker's and allies are coming together in front of the Arizona Department of Corrections on December 18th in Phoenix, as part of International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers, an annual event to call attention to violence committed against sex workers all over the globe. Marcia Powell was a prisoner of the State of Arizona who collapsed and died from heatstroke last May after being locked in an outdoor cage and ignored for four hours in 107 degree heat.

You are invited to join in Tucson, Arizona on December 17, 2009 (performance art/public installation and a candlelight vigil) and in Phoenix, Arizona on December 18, 2009 (protest rally on the steps of the Arizona Department of Corrections). Bring red umbrellas, to stand in solidarity! Signs are welcome.

By Aliya on Dec 1st, 2009

Budapest, 1 December, 2009 -- A first issue of HETERAK is issued in Hungary. The newsletter is dedicated not only to Hungarian sex workers and the situation with sex work in Hungary, but also to the situation in the world.

Download the HETERAK in pdf format here.

By olga on Nov 3rd, 2009

"From us to us" published by STAR, a Macedonian sex workers’ rights activists group covers local and international news about sex work and provides an overview of various opinions on trafficking. Read Issue 7 and Issue 8 in Macedonian.

By Aliya on Oct 28th, 2009

In its summer issue Women’s Net Newsletter publishes the results of a writing workshop organised by Sisonke (Johannesburg) and the Wits Writing Centre and supported by the Reproductive Health & HIV Research Unit (RHRU) and the Tswaranang Legal Advocacy Centre. Five personal stories written by African sex workers are brought together under the title Johannesburg Sex Workers Speak Out. Read the stories here in English.

By Aliya on Oct 28th, 2009

A report supported by OSI and authored by Jayne Arnott and Anna-Louise Crago coveres issues of human rights violations of female, male, and trans sex workers in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

Despite enormous challenges, sex workers are organizing to protect their rights and demand an end to violence and discrimination. In addition to the published report, sex workers who participated in the research and related roundtable discussions describe through audio taped interviews the effects of these rights abuses and how they are organizing to respond. Read and listen in English here.

By Aliya on Oct 28th, 2009

Last year 5,066,549 people from around the world, civil society organizations and governments signed on to Say NO, sending the urgent message to governments everywhere that ending violence against women and girls must be a top priority.
This November, UNIFEM will take the initiative one step further and launch a new platform for action, Say NO–UNiTE to End Violence against Women. It is UNIFEM’s contribution to the UN Secretary-General’s campaign to end violence against women involving governments, civil society and the entire UN system.
Say NO–UNiTE will count and showcase actions taken by individuals, organizations and governments worldwide to end violence against women. Whether you volunteer at a shelter, reach out to students, advocate for better laws and policies — every action counts.
Add your name to become part of a global community rising to say NO to violence against women and girls here.

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