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Hungary: Budapest Declaration of the Network of countries with Low HIV prevalence in Central and South-Eastern Europe

By Marija Tosheva, HOPS

In late June, 2011 the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, hosted a meeting in Budapest for 30 delegates from the countries of Central and South East Europe (SWAN was also represented), with supporters from Western Europe, to launch the Network of Low Prevalence Countries in Central and South East Europe – NeLP (http://nelp-hiv.org/budapest-declaration).

The general conclusion of the delegates was that national governments and the general population in our region don’t yet see HIV as a major problem. With fewer people living with HIV, fewer supporters and fewer medical staff, the capacity to respond to HIV in our countries is muted. With less overall societal impact, the perceived need to respond is less urgent. However, we encounter the same obstacles as our counterparts in high HIV prevalence countries, including violations of our human rights, treatment access problems and psycho-social burdens which impact on all aspects of our lives.

The context, problems and appeals for actions were adopted in resolution called Budapest Declaration - Central and South East Europe Need More Positive Attention!

Please put some time in reading and supporting the declaration individually or as organisation.

To read Declaration in English click here.
To read Declaration in Russian click here.