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Ukraine: Launch of the Ukrainian Sex Workers Community Mobilization Project

Although decriminalized, sex work is in Ukraine still administratively sanctioned. Sex workers are often humiliated and violated by the police and clients, and have no access to the health care. A recent survey conducted in 14 regions of the country showed that law enforcement agencies – and namely those dealing with trafficking of people – present the biggest threat for the security of sex workers. One sex worker says: “He cut my hair, forced me to have oral sex with him, beat up and broke one rib, and then charged me with 650 Griven (130 US Dollars) fine.”

In March 2007 the first all-Ukrainian sex-workers conference took place in Kiev. Its participants agreed that there is an urgent need for changes and showed willingness to actively participate in those changes.

This is how the idea of the Ukrainian sex-workers community mobilization project was born. Its goal is to create a community able to defend its rights and to facilitate the development of leaders among sex-workers, who will then maintain contacts with international networks for further efficient response to urgent problems. The objective is also to oppose the involvement of children in sex work, human trafficking and sex-slavery and to develop sex workers’ solidarity.

Read more about the training in this issue of the Sex Workers’ Report.
Contact person: Oleksandr Ostapov, harm_red@ukr.net
Website: www.uhra.org.ua