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Revenue of Ukrainian budget could be increased by legalizing prostitution

REGNUM News, Ukraine:
16 October 2006, Kiev -- Kiev police chief Vitaly Yarema believes, if prostitution is legalized in Ukraine, both revenue of state budget and quality of services will increase; he is quoted as stating it in Kiev. According to him, commercial firms of the sphere should exist in Ukraine; minors will be forbidden to go there; the places will be inspected by tax and medical institutions and guarded in appropriate way. More

Vitaly Yarema stressed that “prostitution in Ukraine should be regulated by law, as it is done in civilized European states: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc., where brothels officially function, filling up state budget and guaranteeing safety for clients’ health.” The Kiev police chief informed the press that system of administrative fines, valid against prostitutes is not functioning now. According to him, “fine totals 15 hryvnias ($3); at that, the only thing, which may be done as punishment is three-hour long detention; after that, a statement of the case should be drawn up. Domiciliary administrative commission makes decision concerning a fine; however, 80% of prostitutes are no Kiev residents. We send statements to places of residence; however, nobody pays attention to it.”