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Russia: Is prostitution a profession? Russian TV viewers think it is

Last November Russian TV station 100TV devoted its Freedom Bridge show to sex work issues. One of the guests in the studio was Irina Maslova from Humanitarian Action, SWAN member from Russia. The viewers voted on the question Do you consider prostitution to be a profession? The result: 4,299 said YES and 4,294 NO.

This 65-minute program tackled the issues of sex workers’ human rights, access to health services, violence, the reasons of entry, the role of the government, client-based legislation, etc. 

Participants in at moments heated discussion were, besides Irina, a medical doctor, an MP, and Rector of the Institute of Psychology and Sexology in Sankt Petersburg.

Several sex workers were interviewed, a number of viewers’ calls were broadcasted live, and dozen of passers-by were interviewed on the streets of Sankt Petersburg.

A representative of the church and a psychiatrist were guests in the Radio Baltic studio, with which a live bridge was established during the show.

Two phone lines were non-stop opened for viewers’ calls pro and con the question Do you consider prostitution to be a profession?  By the end of the show, 4,299 viewers had answered yes, and 4,294 no. 

Integral recording of the program is available here.  Irina Maslova opening the red umbrella live in the studio is on 20:58 min.

For more information: Irina Maslova, Humanitarian Action, club.silver.rose@gmail.com