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Австралия: Секс-работники настаивают на снижении частоты мед.проверок

Melbourne Weekly, Австралия

" Большинство [ секс-работников ] предпочитают самостоятельно контролировать свое здоровье, что я поддерживаю, - говорит миссис Уайт. -Мы считаем, что тестирование должно зависеть от ситуаций риска, а не от установленного графика."

Оригинал статьи:
SEX workers in St Kilda want control over how often they undergo testing for sexually transmitted infections, according to a local health worker.
Sue White from the Inner South Community Health Service said sex workers employed in legal brothels in St Kilda were "very good" at caring for their health and using protection.

Ms White's comments come following revelations Health Minister David Davis had stepped away from a plan to allow sex workers to reduce the frequency of STI testing from every month to every three months. She said sex workers in legal brothels had low rates of STIs.

"The majority would prefer to be in control of their own health, and rightly so," Ms White said. "Our argument is: testing should be related to risk rather than a defined timeframe."

No figures are available detailing rates of STIs among St Kilda sex workers. "Different states have different guidelines around testing, and those that have less frequent STI testings have no difference in statistics," Ms White said.

Author: Amber Wilson