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Poland: Recent study shows women still socially discriminated, knowledge on STI/HIV poor

In February 2007, TADA, SWAN member from Poland, gathered data to the joint United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and TAMPEP report on situation of women in Europe. Data mostly concerned women’s situation on the labor market, health awareness and access to health care and availability of health care services, family planning and support for parents’ policy, sex education and sex work phenomenon.

TADA, responsible for gathering data regarding Polish women, identified that there is general low awareness of health issues, especially in rural areas; poor options for women on labor market; more women than men are unemployed; they earn less – the only field men and women get equal salaries are public offices. Although most sex workers report to use condoms, the general knowledge of the society on reproductive health and STI/HIV is poor.

The report is supposed to be released by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Presentation of draft reports from number of European countries was held during the meeting in Amsterdam in middle February.

Contact person: Justyna Sobeyko, TADA, Poland
E-mail: justynasobejko@poczta.fm
About TADA
Website: www.tada.pl