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On August 3, 2015, Kirovograd oblast branch charitable organization "All-Ukrainian League «Legalife»" made changes in its name and its statute documents, hence became an independent organization.

Natalia and Elena from the newly registered sex-workers rights organziation in Kirovograd have informed us that "from now on the name of our organziation is "UKRAINIAN CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION «LEGALIFE-UKRAINE»".

They also have told that the Kirovograd organziation and its members "thank the charitable organization «All-Ukrainian League «Legalife» for their support and help for all these years of partnership! It is due to the League «Legalife» who gave us opportunity to develop our contacts on international and national levels, that we have grown into a new professional organization. We were able to acquire knowledge and skills and to form the ability to grow further for our members and to understand that we can be more useful to vulnerable groups if we expand our work sphere. That was why we decided to change our statute documents, whose goal will be to serve on a broader scale to help our target groups in Ukraine".

They also added that the Kirovograd organziation "remain partners to the charitable organization "All-Ukrainian League «Legalife»" and other organizations, but as an independent organization "UKRAINIAN CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION «LEGALIFE-UKRAINE»". This will help us implement our projects and events better and with higher quality, create coalitions and be partners within various programs on national and international levels".

You can visit the Facebook page of "UKRAINIAN CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION «LEGALIFE-UKRAINE»" >>here.