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YCC, JUVENTAS, Montenegro

 The youngest SWAN member that joined the Network in April 2008, Juventas has developed a solid outreach work in this country.  In 2005 they participated in two national surveys - on behavior and on epidemiology of intravenous drug users (IDU) and sex workers (SW). In 2006 they started outreach work for IDU and SW, and in 2007 they particularly focused their interests on sex work issues. More

 Says Tijana Pavicevic, Coordinator of the Juventas Harm Reduction Program: “Our first Project dedicated only to sex workers started in February 2007. The goal of the Health and Opportunities Project is prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted and blood born infections among sex workers, with outreach work as main activity. The other aspect is education and rising sensitivity of police officers about these topics.”

“Outreach is still conducted in all tree regions of Montenegro. So far we have provided services to over 120 female and male street workers, or those who work in night clubs and hotels. Services that we provide are: distribution of free of charge condoms, lubricants and sterile injecting equipment, printed educative material, counselling services, rehabilitation of injecting wounds, helping in approaching to health services” Says Tijana Pavicevic.

Contact person: Tijana Pavicevic
Email: tijana@juventas.co.me
Website: www.juventas.co.me