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By Aliya on Dec 9th, 2008

Our Lives Matter: Sex Workers Unite for Health and Rights is a new report by Anna-Louise Crago, issued in August 2008 by the Open Society Institute. It highlights the creative ways in which sex workers in eight countries have organized to defend their human rights and health. Among thosee groups are also two SWAN members. In this issue we are publishing the chapter featuring Odyseus from Slovakia. More

By Aliya on Sep 18th, 2008

On September the 4th the first seminar for journalists was held in Slovakia to help media reporters understand better human rights issues, stigma, violence, corruption and health problems that sex workers encounter on a daily basis. Similar seminars will soon be organized in other countries in the SWAN network. More

By Aliya on Sep 18th, 2008

An information and advocacy campaign was launched in August 2008 at the streets of Bratislava. Its aim is to increase awareness of street sex workers about their human rights.

By Aliya on Sep 17th, 2008

Lack of funding from the national Anti-drug Fund might soon result with closure of all harm reduction service providers in Slovakia. Since the country became an EU Member in 2004 most of the donors have left. EU funding is not available, leaving it to the national governments to foot the bill. After spending all their savings, SWAN member Odyseus has funds to fully operate till September. Odyseus alone estimates a gap of 23.000 euros in order to operate till the end of the year. More in a report by Peter Lazovy. More

By Aliya on Feb 5th, 2008
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