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Австралия: секс-работники Мариквилля протестуют против запрета борделей

Секс-работники и представитель благотворительной организации протестуют против инициативы кандидата в совет мерии, Моррис Ханны, внедрить закон, запрещающий секс-работу в борделях и квартирах.

Digital Journal Report:

Marrickville - At midday today sex workers from the Marrickville area of Sydney rallied to protest against mayoral candidate Morris Hanna's anti-sex work policies in the lead up to the council elections.
The rally was held outside Marrickville Mayor, Morris Hanna’s menswear shop ‘Maurice Menswear’ at 235 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, inner-west Sydney.
Speaking at the rally Ruby ‘Sex-worker’ explained why they were protesting:
“We’re a group of Marrickville based sex workers. We all live and work in Marrickville and we oppose Marrickville Council’s blanket ban on brothels and on home based sex work. In New South Wales the sex industry is decriminalized and sex workers have the right to work safely from workplaces of our choice.
“We are legally able to work from brothels, our houses or in which ever way is safe for us. Yet Morris Hanna and Marrickville Council continue to impose an outdated morality on sex workers. This morality ignores the evidence of sex work being a legitimate and safe occupation in New South Wales.
“Sex workers want safe workplaces and we want to be able to work from our homes. Our homes are not brothels and should not be treated as such.
“Unlike Morris Hanna who lives in Maroubra, we live in Marrickville and are engaged members of our vibrant community. Mr Hanna ignores this and ignores what we, as actual residents of Marrickville, want for our community.
“We are sick of being ignored and sick of policies that stigmatize us and deny us our rights to work safely. Sex workers are part of this community and are part of every community and we want a local council made up of actual locals who listen to us, as residents.”
The sex workers were joined at the rally by Saul Isbister, President of Touching Base charitable institution.
More images of the event can be seen here.