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Узбекские женщины схвачены в Патая во время рейда

On the 2nd May 2007, at 01.30 am, Pol.Col. Thanankit Boonyasing, Superintendent, responding to a complaint of foreign sex workers operating illegally in Pattaya, set up a sting operation commanded by Pol.Lt.Col. Wuthichart Luensukan, using a foreign undercover police representative. The undercover operative, masquerading as sex customer, then trawled the Walking Street area looking for likely foreign women and when he found one who was game, offered her 2,000 Baht in marked banknotes to take her for a “short time” session in P. 72 Hotel, on Walking Street. The hotel had already been designated as the sting hotel where, once the foreign woman had actually accepted the money, she was arrested and later charged with prostitution.

Further investigation revealed that the young woman, Mrs. Sayfulaeve Gulchekhra (26), was from the Republic of Uzbekistan. She confessed that she had originally come to Thailand, posing as a tourist, but, in fact, had come as a sex worker to take advantage of the trade on Walking Street. She further admitted to having plied her trade in Thailand for many years, staying in-country by doing numerous visa runs to Malaysia to renew her visa when it expired.

Two other Uzbekis, Miss Kuzbaovr Shazofat (30), and Miss Gaybullaeva Gulandom (26), members of the same gang, were also subsequently arrested for the same crime. They admitted to all having come to Thailand together for the same purpose because of the rich pickings and well established sex trade. Their customers are mainly foreigners and a few Thais, whom they charge 2,000 Baht for sexual favours. The 3 have been arrested many times in the past, but, after being fined, return straight to the street to continue their profession.

Essentially, these women are the same as Thai women who perform the same services in that they ply their trade and send money home to support their families. Their motivation is to partly to relieve the abject poverty that their families back home suffer. Especially since the fall of the Soviet Union, women from the ex-Soviet satellite states, as well as Russia, itself, have discovered that they can earn far more from prostitution than by working in more normal occupations in their home countries. This practice is not confined to impoverished women, but also applies to highly educated and qualified women who cannot make a viable living in their own countries. They venture out to a variety of countries, especially Dubai and Bahrain, as well as Thailand and Cambodia, both as private individuals and as Russian Mafiya sex-slaves, forced into the trade by unscrupulous criminals. Once here, they inevitably arouse the ire of Thai sex workers and numerous cases of mutual aggression have been reported in the past.

The last time a major crackdown on foreign sex-workers occurred in Pattaya

was October, 2006 and then, as now, some apprehendees will be blacklisted and deported, but as long as Thailand adopts a lenient stance regarding prostitution, it will inevitably attract foreign “bees” to the honey pot, although the Thai police are attempting to eradicate the foreign sex-worker intrusion.

Pataya Daily News