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Мужчина осужден за изнасилование секс работниц

Shawn Keith Green, 36, pleaded guilty in New Hanover County Superior Court to three counts each of second-degree rape and first-degree sexual offense. He was sentenced by Judge Kenneth Crow to eight to 10 1/2 years in prison, Jordan said.

The offenses occurred from July 2005 to January 2006 after the Wilmington man picked the women up in the area of South Fourth Street. He drove them to an area behind a car wash on Carolina Beach Road where they were raped, Jordan said. Jordan said at least two of the women went willingly with Green because they thought they were going to be paid for a sex act. The third victim was able to provide police with a license plate number which led to Green's arrest in January 2006, Jordan said.

"It's unusual for somebody soliciting money for sex to come forward," Jordan said. "They are routinely sexually assaulted. These are difficult cases with these kinds of facts and scenarios, but our office feels strongly everyone is protected under the law."

Green had been charged with first-degree rape but agreed to a plea offer to the lesser second-degree rape offense. Green entered an Alford plea, meaning he admitted that sufficient evidence likely exists for a jury to find him guilty, but did not admit to the acts he was alleged to have committed.

Green maintains that he picked up the women and had sex with them but refused to pay them, said his lawyer, Bryan Smith.

"There were three different ladies, all of them had similar stories, and none of them knew each other. There was a strong likelihood of being convicted," Smith said. "He pled guilty but he did not admit his guilt just because it was in his best interest to plead guilty as opposed to going to trial."

By doing so, Green avoided a possible prison sentence of more than 20 years, which a judge could have imposed if he was convicted of first-degree rape, Smith said.

Jordan said the victims preferred to avoid a trial. Despite his non-admission of guilt, Green contradicted himself in court by apologizing for his actions to the one victim present and asking for forgiveness, she said.

DNA evidence linking Green to the crimes was collected from two of the victims, Jordan said.

Green must register as a sex offender in North Carolina upon release from prison.

"I feel like our streets are safer with this guy gone," Jordan said.

Wilmington Morning Star, USA